Engan Tribal Fights


Tribal fighting in the Highlands of Enga province has been the greatest catastrophic phenomena throughout centuries. Engans migrated from the other side of the world where the world’s first ancestors lived and fighting has been part of their daily life for survival in those nomadic days. It was passed on down from generations to generations on which we cannot deny the fact from where we once belong.


It’s simply disagreements between clans over killing, stealing, adultery, bribery and many more. Tribal fighting was a primitive way of taking revenge dealing with issues among tribes and clans. Primitive in a sense that people don’t reason issues out before going into fighting. After all the destructions and lose of lives they come together to solve by paying compensation in terms of money and pig or sometimes kina shell during ancestral times.


Today tribal fighting has gone to a different modernized stage where weapons are used to take even more lives.


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In year 2015 on 27th of June at one of the Districts in the Enga Province, Porgera District, a man was chopped all over his body and was dump along the bush tracks, this incident happened at a big village just below Porgera Gold mine called Yuiyan District. The reason of these killing and several other killings was that there were no district developments given to this people in their lifetime and so in order to gain the district Authorities attention they started killing each other hoping for the Authorities to help them bring better services. Police were not allowed to the scene to solve these issues but the only trusted police officer in the whole district of Porgera was Senior Sergeant Elias Raimbuse who was allowed to be present at that time on that scene who took these pictures that are attached.

This death leads to several other killings of innocent people. These are a family; their sister was the only survivor that time and was in a traumatized day of her life.

This is the photographed of the family that was killed on that tragic moment.


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